Day 391: Jab, and left hook

This Monday Lo-Lo had her 12 month injections.  My hubby kindly took a turn to get them done. She got her 12 month booster and then (because that wasn’t enough) they said, ‘oh she’s 12 and a half months,  she may as well have her 13 month jabs.’ 13 month?! 13 MONTHS?! This is new news to Me! So she had the first one done. You know it’s bad when there’s a pause between the 1st and the 2nd cry. And people. There was a very long pause. 30s it took to hear that thunder clap. She had the next two done in her other thigh. I guess the problem is that yes, it stings a bit but I find they hurt less if they are injected slowly. Of course there’s no chance of that happening. So it hurts, but then it really hurts. It’s a shame. Apparently she was looking murderously at the nurse for the 2nd and 3rd jabs. Poor babies. Crying didn’t last long but it was intense.

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