Day 396: 2nd Molar

The last few days Lo-Lo has been dropped off in the morning at the childminder’s, she would go to the childminder and simply rest her head on her shoulders and hug her! In and of itself it’s nothing bad but she does normally at least turn around and look at me as I leave….. nope! Nothing! Yesterday the childminder also said she was quite hot with a temperature of 38. Little pumpkin! 😦
So last night like a good old mum I went on a tooth hunt. Sure enough there was her 2nd molar cutting through at the top, rather conveniently coming down to meet her 1st molar that’s already on the bottom. Fab she’ll be able to chew steak before we know it! Of course it could be a number of other things but this cheeky molar is quite likely to be the culprit. Some baby paracetamol to make sure she could drop off easily enough and to help lower her temperature, naked except her sleep sack and off she dropped calmly to bed. I’m sure all the daddy hugs she got also helped massively. 

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