Day 403: smash bang duck duck

We are claiming duck duck as Lo-Lo’s first proper word at 13 months. She’s been saying it for a while but last week it was clear, daddy went into the bathroom and she saw the duck and said duck duck. Similarly she’s been making woof woof noises when she sees a dog but that’s not really a word in my book.

She’s also just started to climb the sofa at home. She saw her books on the shelf just above the arm of the sofa and that was it! Interesting you can see she uses a combination of grip (from her naked legs), her weight (she’ll be standing on tippy toes, belly and arms stretching as far back into the sofa as she can til her body has hit the balancing sweet spot) and strength (she pulls and pushes herself along with her arms and legs). This is fantastic.  We’ve been teaching her how to come down safely too. Either to sit down and wriggle off from her bum or to lay down and climb down backwards on her belly. Anyway last night she decided not to do either and just walked off the edge. The thud was pretty brutal (we have wooden floors). Oh how she cried. .. for all of two minutes.  Then she looked back at the sofa and went to climb it again. This time she came down safely on her own. Guess they’re designed to do this kind of stuff,  but have to admit I was rather happy she woke up this morning if you know what I’m saying!

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