All change: 13 months NEW holiday list

I’m giving up on the whole day thing. Since my blog is less daily now it’s quite difficult to keep up with the number of days/I can’t be bothered. I’m going with her rough age now as it’s less abstract.

Anyway we’re off to Madeira tomorrow and we have a new list of essentials as we now have a 13 month old. So I think it’s important to point out that we’re travelling to a home that we’ve rented out in its entirety. What this means is that although we have a change of clothes I don’t anticipate we’ll venture very far. We have a pool, garden, satellite t.v., a kitchen and an amazing view of the sea. We’re also only going for one week.  We’ve managed to pack light, ish… well hubby and I have. Lolo? Not so much. We have one medium suitcase, one back pack, 2 normal carry on bags and a buggy. So what is in the case?
– A box of formula powder and two bottles
– a sleep bag/grow bag
– several toys, a few books, building blocks and Thomas the tank engine- very important
– baby antihistamines (because I figure most things you can control but this is a bit of a wild card) and Calpol
– a pack of nappies and wipes
– sun screen, a blow up floating device for the pool and a core body swim suit
– and of course 7 gorgeous summer dresses. She clearly doesn’t need 7 but I so desperately want her to get full use out of all the dresses she was bought for her birthday.

And that my friends is it! The essentials of packing for baby for holiday at 1!

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