Almost 14 months: alcohol

I’m not condoning alcoholism in any way. Especially when you have a baby. Who can afford the calories? However it cannot be denied that a few glasses of wine and/or some beer can sometimes really hit the spot. On holiday even more so. It’s a sign that adult time has commenced.

Here on holiday in Madeira, in a villa to ourselves and room to spread out you have gone down for a nap (ok so I can still hear you downstairs talking to yourself, maybe today won’t be an afternoon nap day) and we’re on the porch drinking Madeira and beer. Separately and together.  No we’re not chavs. We just bought the sweet Madeira and it needs watering down… with beer of course! Suddenly I’m transported back to my uni days a long,  long time ago.

But as much as Lolo is a fantastic child. She’s up, she’s been walking around since 10 months,  she’s climbing, she’s spooning food, she’s talking (not sentences but loud, ordering type noises- I still think she’ll be an engineer) she’s doing really well. But like all good kids she is also a handful.  The screaming gets tiring, she now stomps her feet when she is denied (really quite funny) but still needs help in so many other ways. So yes. Mummy and daddy went from being selfish and having all the time in the world to now having our world filled with a little (big) Lolo. This means we need a break. Much like with all intense jobs, you need to have a break in order to pick it up and carry on. To all parents who think parenthood is a doddle, you’re either; lying, someone else is looking after them, you have a saint of a child or you’re doing it wrong. Kids are intense. That’s why taking time to yourselves, having some glasses, chilling out and enjoying yourself, is ok. No need to feel guilty or like bad parents. It’s your life too you know.

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