15.5 months tippy toes and tears

Its been a while peeps but I wanted to give an update on where we are. I’d say it’s probably been in the last 2 months that we’ve seen the biggest developmental leaps. Of couse she’s been developing since day dot but it’s only now that those changes show you a glimmer of who she’s turning into and are stepping slightly into normal kid world.

So this week I was working late. I called home around her bedtime and daddy put me on loud speaker. She heard my voice, recognized it and started waving at the phone. She said mumma about 6 times at which point I was in tears. Then she started babbling w me and ate the phone. Lucky really as I was stood outside Chilangos waiting for my burrito w big enough tears in my eyes.

And yesterday. Shock of all shocks. After her bath I dry and oil her up in our room. Door closed to stop my not so docile child from escaping. She was by the door, I was oiling her legs and I could see it was starting to open. ‘Watch out hubby, we’re right behind the door’. But NO!  it wasn’t hubby IT WAS LOLO! !!! I was totally shocked. In mild hysterics I called hubby over, closed the door and asked her to open it again.  There she was, stretching on her tippiest of toes, finger tips barely reaching the handle. She failed about 10 times and then miraculously gained some purchase and OPENED THE DOOR! it doesn’t seem all that inpressive but considering she only just started walking 6 months ago we’re pretty chuffed…
She also knows which key to put in the front door to open it and puts the key in the right way round too. She’s saying Car, tree, doggy,  woof woof,  duck duck, juice, more, finished, off, bananana, shoes, babies, chat (yep she says cat in french) and can point to the lion, zebra and Capitan Dubois on the dvd cover of Madagascar 3!
She luuuurves Capitan Dubois! Especially her rendition of non,  je ne regrette rien

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