20 moths old: Cherry pippin

I’m probably going to get reported to social services but, in-line with encouraging Lo-Lo to be more self-sufficient I’ve been teaching her how to eat cherries. Over Christmas we had quite a few cherries round the house as I remember once 15 years ago my hubby telling me he liked them. SO at Christmas time I try to buy a few in as a treat. Of course Lo-Lo loves them. So we play the – ‘I eat the half with the pip, you eat the other half’ game. I figured it wouldn’t be a bad thing to start teaching her how to eat them whole and source the pips herself. I threw her in at the deep end and gave her a hole cherry with stalk. She figured out that the stem was not for the eating, but as expected the pip was a little more troublesome. So I showed her mummy eating a cherry, how I find the cherry and then take it out. 1st time: fail. So mummy demonstrated again. 2nd time: fail. 3rd time: she did it! She chewed gently, sourced the pip and eventually popped it out! So impressed. In my excitement I gave her her 4th cherry…

Fail. I’m not sure 3 pips in her tummy will kill her but at the same time I’d prefer her not to be filled with stones. And so the self-sufficiency experiment continues.

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