22 months; bed training

Last week we started. We took the bold step of getting her to sleep in a normal bed. She has a cot in her room and a lovely day bed from Ikea. It spreads out into a double or you can keep it as a single and it has a foot high edge around 3 edges. So it’s perfect as she can’t fall out except for on one side. For that we got long triangle wedges that tuck under the bed sheet. Last weekend I laid w her for her afternoon nap and bedtime til she fell asleep. During the week we gave up as she wasn’t really feeling it and kept asking for the cot. We went again this afternoon where she fell asleep after 2mins of me laying w her. This evening however we went to her room and asked if she’d like to sleep in her bed and she said yes. Daddy settled her for all of one minute and said there was no resistance… we’ve not heard a peep since! I’m sure we’ve been lucky w this but you always worry how hard these transitions will be. And you might ask why we’re even bothering at under 2 y.o. Truth is we’d probably be lazy and leave her in til she was a lot older but w number 2 on the way I don’t want her to feel like she’s being kicked out of her cot because of another little person who will be more than invading her space in a few months. Bed practice to continue.

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