1 year, 11 months: man up kid

Yep. Seriously. ‘Stop whining’. It’s like Arnie said. ‘Get to the chopper!’ No. Wait.

Point being is we’re getting into the terrible twos. Funny part is we thought we’d started early at 18 months. Nope, it’s kicking off in earnest it would seem. Lots going on. The transition from cot to bed. Going ok actually. Potty training. We’re doing well. It’s now us who get frustrated when she constantly needs to go sit on the potty with the ensuing battle to get the nappy back on. I caught myself yesterday…. straight after the bath she asked for potty. I really can’t be bothered to take you. Oh, that’s counter-productive is it? FINE! Lol.
But then there the whining…. about everything. Oddly enough sometimes she’s fine being told no. I hear it’s all about consistency, patience, love etc. I think I can do love. As she’s growing and testing our boundaries she’s also developing other personal traits, like being cute. I think we’ll keep her. But it’s a time of character building let’s call it. Even daddy’s starting to get strict. Enough’s enough! Man up kid!

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