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What a lovely weekend! Potty too

Good morning Tuesday! Hope we’re all loving the British summer. We’ve all had a great start to the day, with it being half term there’s no traffic on the roads. And this just seems to be a continuation from the … Continue reading

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Who has time to cook? Recipe 2: Green Thai Curry

Don’t be scared. Its super easy and fast. If you can make it in the morning or day before the flavours will do wonderful things. I use curry paste. You know what? Provenance & making things from scratch is a … Continue reading

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36 weeks: Reminder, who has time to cook? Recipe 1 LASAGNE

Lolo’s 2, we have one on the way in 4 weeks and I’m mentally reminding myself of being at home all day and yet not having any time to wash myself, clean the house, think or cook. So before number … Continue reading

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36 weeks: When is whooping cough not whooping cough

What’s the deal with Whooping cough?¬†NHS tells us: There’s a lot of whooping cough (pertussis)¬†around at the moment and babies who are too young to start their vaccinations are at greatest risk. Whooping cough is a highly infectious, serious illness … Continue reading

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4 weeks til D-Day: May every day be like today

Today is my very first day of mat leave. If I’m honest, this means I have no tiny knot in my stomach as I anticipate reading all the emails on my blackberry, awaiting the ‘super urgent, you should have done … Continue reading

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Almost 2 years: These light nights and 2 year olds telling the time

Since the clocks have sprung forward you can’t have failed to notice that the day stretches out for much longer. This means two things for my almost 2 year old: – getting up earlier and – going to bed later … Continue reading

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