4 weeks til D-Day: May every day be like today

Today is my very first day of mat leave. If I’m honest, this means I have no tiny knot in my stomach as I anticipate reading all the emails on my blackberry, awaiting the ‘super urgent, you should have done this by 3am on Saturday night’. Not that I ever get them but I do set myself up for the worst. Nope. Hubby changed Lolo, I just got dressed in… well, whatever I rolled over in that stuck. Read to her. Gave her some milk. Then she and I calmly went to the childminders, where I also didn’t need to rush. On my return home, made some breakfast for hubby (who had stayed behind to get ready in his own time for once) and myself and put the washing on. Its the little things. I, hopefully have 4 weeks ‘off til number 2 arrives and if it’s like today I’m looking forward to it.

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