36 weeks: Reminder, who has time to cook? Recipe 1 LASAGNE

Lolo’s 2, we have one on the way in 4 weeks and I’m mentally reminding myself of being at home all day and yet not having any time to wash myself, clean the house, think or cook. So before number 2 pops out I wanted to do a shortlist of some quick easy to follow recipes. The big cheat for me is SIMPLE preparation and then leaving it to simmer/cook. The cooking part is great because you don’t need to do anything just allow enough time, it helps the flavours come together and stop the meal from tasting like it just fell out of a jar.

Recipe 1: Lasagne

Meat sauce: dice and fry off onion & garlic, mushrooms & carrots. Add minced beef and break it up well! Add chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and stock cube to taste. Simmer for 20mins.

Bechamel sauce: Melt butter, add flour til its a paste, then gradually add milk and whisk to get rid of the lumps until it becomes a smooth sauce. Add cheese if you like. Simmer & stir for approx 5mins. Secret is to do it all fast so the paste does not have time to cook into lumps.

Layer meat then bechamel then lasagne sheet, repeat 3 times. Top off with Bechamel on top of a lasgane sheet and cook according to lasagne sheet timings.

Boom, there it is

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