What a lovely weekend! Potty too

Good morning Tuesday! Hope we’re all loving the British summer. We’ve all had a great start to the day, with it being half term there’s no traffic on the roads. And this just seems to be a continuation from the great weekend.

Sounds like an odd thing to say as a parent. But this weekend, all weekend, Lolo was genuinely a delight, about everything. We spent Friday night chilling watching Frozen. Saturday we spent at home which often leads to craziness but she seemed totally fine. We had Play Doh and colouring in and stickers and then dinner round a neighbour’s. Sunday as always there was swimming and church in the morning followed by a few hours in the local pub/beer garden… kids never seem to really care if its drizzling or not. Lolo was playing well with another 4 and 6 year old – who in turn were welcoming rather than rejecting her for being a ‘baby’. Monday we had park + new scooter time and then lunch with some old friends.

We had lots to keep us distracted but the big victories for us were several. No tantrums. Who’s stolen my child! She ate well at all 3 meals each day, again no tantrums or struggles eating. She listened pretty much all weekend. She was loving and gave great hugs, wanting to sit on or next to daddy or mummy. Went down well for all naps and bedtime. And the biggest thing of all is we had all weekend without a nappy!!! Potty training has been going very, very well. The childminder had said a couple of weeks ago that actually as soon as Lolo feels she’s got something there to protect her she does not bother going to the potty, like a pad or pull ups. I guess it makes sense doesn’t it. If you’re ‘safe’ you assume you can go – no matter if people ask you if you need the potty. If it’s just pants you’re more aware. Last week the child minder mentioned Lolo had regressed and was not being quite so successful which got me thinking we should just do pants all weekend. And we did and she did great! Nap time and bedtime being the only 2 times when we’ll put something on her as she doesn’t really have any control over that.

So yup. All round great, long weekend. Hope everyone had a great one too x

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