Who has time to cook? Recipe 3: YUMMY Fisherman’s Pie

So easy and so scrummy. Depends how fast you can prepare but I reckon about 20mins prep, cooking of approx. 30mins. You could make it super simple: add fish to tin, then bechamel sauce, top with mashed potatoes, everything else below is a nice flavour enhancer. Boil your potatoes for your mash first, then…

Bechamel sauce: Melt butter, add flour til its a paste, then gradually add milk and whisk to get rid of the lumps until it becomes a smooth sauce, simmer so it thickens. Add cheese + a little mustard.

Brown off onions & garlic then add in some flavouring i.e. some lemon juice, fish sauce, some wine

Into the pie tin, finally add your onions, garlic + your fish to the bottom. Then the bechamel sauce. Top off with a layer of mashed potato.

Just cook in the oven at around 200 degrees C for about 30mins. Done!

TIPS: To make more of the base add carrots and peas with the fish. Seasoning is key to making this all taste great so do add salt and pepper. Too many onions can make the base too sweet so for about 4 portions I’d only use 1 onion. Use a fish mix that includes some smoked haddock so you get a really great, full flavour.

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