38 weeks + 4: And the Iron’s Fine

Had my 38 ish week midwife appointment yesterday. All’s fine which is great. The key things I could hope for; Blood test results from last time are still all fine, baby’s head is still down and my iron levels are good, 12.2 I believe and in pregnancy below 10 is not good and they put you on supplements.

Why should pregnant women care about iron? From the NHS on Iron deficiency / Anaemia: Pregnant women with severe or untreated anaemia also have a higher risk of complications before and after birth.

Why is iron important: Iron is used to produce hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to other cells. If you have fewer red blood cells than is normal, your organs and tissues will not get as much oxygen as they usually would. During pregnancy you need the iron because:

  • Your body increases its blood supply to almost 50 percent more than normal.
  • And to support your growing baby and placenta. I.e you need good iron levels for a healthy baby!

Good sources of iron include:

  • dark-green leafy vegetables, such as watercress and curly kale
  • iron-fortified cereals or bread
  • brown rice
  • pulses and beans
  • nuts and seeds
  • meat, fish and tofu
  • eggs
  • dried fruit, such as dried apricots, prunes and raisins
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