2 years old: does a bear go in the woods?

the truth is that potty training feels like it can be a pain. when you have disposable nappies who can honestly be bothered to deal with the unpredictability of when they need to go, whether or not they can hold it long enough before you find a loo, the panic of not knowing where the nearest toilet is, the hassle of changing their entire outfit if they have an accident. Lest we forget about them doing a number TWO and the whole ensuing clean up operation, not to mention the debate of whether or not you keep the pants/outfit post incident (is this too meaty to just wash down the sink?)

oh yes. it’s grim. but I remember a friend saying she never looked back once she’d potty trained. And today I must admit we were a little proud of Lolo. we’d been out all afternoon at a fair and in the end a park. she uttered the words ‘i need a poopoo’. but where chicken? there are no bogs! she kindly held on til we found a suitable bush. she did not soil herself or daddy and proceeded to go without opposition. Hi five to Lolo. daddy also receives a high five… for picking up the poop and disposing of it in the doggy poop bin. that alone deserves a medal. long live potty training.

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