39 weeks + 4: Induction- bring it on! Sex and drugs and rock and roll

When you’ve been abstaining from decent soft cheeses for 9 months, the approach of D-day is a welcome thing. Sadly it won’t be a case that I’ll be in a cheese & wine induced coma once it’s out – but 9 months is a long old time to wait for anything. The one thing I’ve learned from talking to different mums with different numbers of children is that each one is different and will come in their own time and in their own way. But there’s nothing wrong with gently encouraging it.

Sex: yep. The same thing that got you into this mess in the 1st place. If you can have some fun with it – great! The release of oxytocins can help kick start labor. And the prostaglandins in the semen can help ripen that cervix / plug! Double winner. 

Drugs: Ok not quite, more like a hot curry. And to be more accurate again – anything that can get you pooping; curry, bran, beetroot juice etc. I can’t find anything about it on the web – which could say something about whether or not it works! But my midwife explained that the fibers in the bottom and vagina are the same and if you can stimulate one it could kick start the other. Also it helps evacuate the bowels which could mean no pooping during labor. Happy days.

Rock ‘n’ Roll: Or staying active. I’ve felt a lot bouncier with this pregnancy than with Lolo. It might just be psychological. It might be that you don’t get a chance to relax much with a 2 year old so you have to stay more active. Either way, again orders from the midwife: stay active, go on walks, swim if you like etc. I’ve been trying to get more walking in the last few days, hoofing it up and down the massive hill near our house to go drop Lolo off at the childminders in the mornings. Although it’s not thee most comfortable thing, in early labor you’re often told to go for a long walk to help get baby in the right place, let gravity do its job etc so it still makes sense to do that before too.

One that’s not on the list but you’d be surprised how many people say it, Drs and all – a glass of wine in the evening. Its all about the Oxytocins and getting relaxed and comfortable. Not a vat of wine! But a glass seems fine.

Having done this once before, these are the things I’ll be hedging my bets on BUT here are a few more ideas from my blog 2 years ago


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