40 weeks + 2: Babies are like balls

Men’s balls that is, when they cycle. Apparently due to the bashing they get during cycling they tend to go into hibernation only to peek out once the coast is clear of the crazy sadistic saddle. Generating a type of yoyo effect. Well I can report the same of baby number two. Having spoken with the midwife it would seem that actually it can be quite common, she’s even see women come in to the birthing centre with full on contractions and the baby has not dropped yet – but then suddenly it does. Whilst I was pregnant with Lolo, the last 8 weeks of my life were not that much fun. She felt like she was permanently engaged and sitting on the nerve to my bladder. Ouch is all I can say. These last few weeks I’ve been feeling absolutely fine. Since Monday’s sweep I definitely feel like the baby is LOW and about to pop out if I sneeze…. but then it’ll retreat again when I’m busy!

It’s a little bit like your body registers that you’re in the middle of doing stuff and much like men and cycles, decides now is not a good time for baby to come – you’re in the middle of stuff! I’m sure midwives wouldn’t tell us to go walking to help baby come if it did not work, but the body’s response seems a little weird sometimes. Having said that its mainly since Monday that my body has started noticing the change when I walk. Gravity definitely feels like it’s in cahoots with the baby.

My lovely neighbour has had 7 (yep 7) kids. I remember her telling me that all the births were different and that in one case labour started after a full day of running around after the kids (much like the mother in law in fact), in the afternoon which she was preparing afternoon tea. Can’t imagine that was a particularly relaxing time for her (as we are encouraged to relax to let the Oxytocin do its thing and get that cervix open!) and yet there it was. And I wonder if rather than waiting for this baby, much like I have been I just need to crack on with my day, stay active and it will be like ‘surprise’! Again, looks like baby will come when it’s ready.

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