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2 Years & 3 months: Negotiation and Patience

I think a lot of us would agree that babies/toddlers, understand a lot more than they can verbalize articulately. Much like Lolo’s waking’s in the middle of the night (conversation: Mummy: ‘why do you get up in the middle of … Continue reading

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Happy 2 month birthday

Happy Birthday for yesterday. weighing in at 5.5kg, at last reaching the 50th percentile. 75th percentile for height. AJ seems to be hitting his stride. Well done my little monkey, pumpkin, sausage.

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The first 8 weeks of Number 2

This aims to capture a few developments and thoughts around these first 8 weeks of AJ’s life. Lolo’s been doing brilliantly with him so far. So proud of her, kissing AJ and being super gentle with him. She sat on … Continue reading

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2 Years 3 months: Mummy’s little helper

It’s a small thing but it’s lovely noting the developmental progress I see in Lolo. She really is more capable than I give her credit for. I just need to remember to give her the opportunity to try and remind … Continue reading

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2 year old; best quote

mummy, ‘lolo, why have you been waking up and coming into mummy and daddy’s room before the sun is up?’ I.E. when the sun comes up on her groclock to tell her it’s time for her to wake up / … Continue reading

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2 plus more

Our childminder’s on holiday at the moment so the way I’ve found to deal w two little people at home is to..  add more people! for the last two weeks we’ve had my mum, aunt and parents-in-law round. in addition … Continue reading

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#2: 5 weeks & 4 days

AJ starts rolling onto his side’s in earnest. so from flat on his back to either one of his side’s. he’s had a brilliantly strong neck since day one too as well as pushing himself up on his legs. what … Continue reading

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