2 Years 3 months: Mummy’s little helper

It’s a small thing but it’s lovely noting the developmental progress I see in Lolo. She really is more capable than I give her credit for. I just need to remember to give her the opportunity to try and remind myself to ask her, not just with things I know she can do but with all the others she has yet to try. She’s proved this in the local adventure playground. She goes on everything, and I mean everything including things I wouldn’t go on (stairs made of bars with a foot gap in-between each one that goes from vertical to horizontal i.e. she needs to to stand on the edge of one bar , holding on and somehow balance and navigate her foot over to the platform at the end. Truly heart stopping.) She does all these things because she wants to and I guess because I don’t tell her she can’t, or tell her she’s too young – she just tries things out. She keeps asking to be my helper when I’m in the kitchen so I’ve had her helping me chop tomatoes and peel potatoes – with strict supervision of mum of course! Today she wanted to help whilst I did the washing. There wasn’t enough room for the two of us so instead, like a puzzle I got her to put the cutlery away in the drawer. Earlier today she was pairing socks up for me. It really is pretty amazing what a two year old can do.

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