12 weeks: Our first trip as a 4 a.k.a. the art of timings

This weekend we went to see friends near Trowbridge – near Bath. All 4 of us. It is the first time we have all travelled together. I think with Lolo we went to a wedding after the first 3 weeks. This time we waited for AJ to turn 12 weeks.

Travelling with 2 kids is a little chaotic. It was fun (when we got there) but quite tiring. Thankfully we packed all the night before. The next morning (Friday), hubby went off to work for a half day and I kept Lolo at home from the childminders. Car was gradually packed, kids were fed and then, then you try to get the timings right. I think that’s the biggest thing when you have kids – what you stress over as a mum (everyone thinks you’re a bit nuts for). Although many will think you’re a bit neurotic etc, most mums who work to the rhythm of their kids sleep/eat cycle will tell you they try to find the sweet spot to travel, especially long distances. Its a bit like waiting for Mars to be in Venus at the moment a cockerel stands on its left foot facing a Westerly direction. Otherwise you end up with a constantly crying baby for several hours that either needs constant attention or entertainment for X amount of hours – and lets not forget 1) not liking to breastfeed out and about due to discomfort (just me) and 2) traffic – because you know there wasn’t enough to think about in the first place. Genuinely it’s a wonder we ever leave the house. Part of you just says, ‘Sod this for a game of soldiers – run away, run away!’. A common phrase I use, irrespective of what state either child is in as long as the youngest is fed- leave asap! The other half of you tries to make the world a better place by aligning all the stars and having everyone happy in the car: fed, watered, ASLEEP and in the least amount of traffic. Because honestly, all you want is peace an quiet.

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