Happy 3 Months AJ

Yesterday was AJ’s 3 month birthday. I also managed to text a friend who at that exact moment of my text was in labour. What a lovely coincidence. I also decided last night would be when I would go out to celebrate my birthday. Local pub, small group of friends. And the first time I would be leaving AJ for the evening properly. I’d already spent most of the day getting my hair done, so I did feel a little bad leaving him at night as well. The grand parents looked after him most of the day, then I returned for 2 hours to feed myself and him and then off I went again. Lolo of course was oblivious as soon as the TV was popped on – barely said goodbye. AJ on the other hand was in the arms of his grandad, his Jisan. And he was looking at me. You know, that – ‘I’m looking at you mum because I love you please don’t ever leave me’. You know, the one that makes your heart break and reconsider all the evening’s plans? I went back in for 3 kisses and finally tore myself away with my hands over my eyes, mock-running out of the door in case he insnarled me with those baby blues again. I checked in at around 10.30pm and the ‘rents had it all under control so I continued my drinking. We came home around 1am and got into bed around 2am, all in time for AJs 5.20am feed. I felt like a winner this morning. I am hardcore.

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