13 weeks / 3 months: AJs 1st swimming lesson

Great news folks. Today AJ had his first swimming lesson. I was spurred on by a friend who is trying to cram in as much as she can with her baby before she goes back to work and by my own desire to do more with AJ than I did with Lolo. Why didn’t I do that much with Lolo? Good question. Well, firstly I think because she cried for most of the day when she was little up until about 6 months. I didn’t want to go out with her because the audio exhausted me, trying to calm her was equally as exhausting and then of course you have the parents who look at you wondering why you can’t control your bubba. Secondly I think because I can kind of manage breastfeeding out and about better than I did with Lolo feeding at any a time is not as much of an issue. Finally, looking after a baby is non-stop, most of your time is spent being reactive and working on borrowed time (whilst they’re asleep) cooking or tidying. To simply organize to do a class/club you have to be proactive and take the time to look, email, ask and of course the final step – book! But I digress.

The little man seemed to enjoy it well. The pool was warm thankfully so we slipped into the water gradually and did a full 30mins class. He wasn’t too keen being sat on the side of the pool for some of the activities as it was a little cooler and let’s be honest, he’s not ‘sitting’ anywhere yet so it was probably a little uncomfortable. Prep involved a ‘double nappy’ with a Huggies Swim nappy and a Happy Nappy on top. Admittedly the Happy Nappy was a medium and so a little big for him, I’m not sure it would have safeguarded us from much had there been a surprise! He had a feed before we went in and again when we got home. It has been fabled that it totally knackers them out so I’m hopeful he’ll have a big snooze now. It’s funny how a small 30min activity dominates your day. The morning is all about getting him up, fed and ready in time to leave. You then want to get there early enough in case you can’t find a parking space and leave enough time in case of additional feeding and accidents. Then its a rush home so they can settle in bed with a top up feed. Crazy business this motherhood!

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