4 Months: The mass exodus

It started about 2 weeks ago, but now it is in full throttle.

When I was pregnant with Lolo my hair was super shiny & never fell out, nails never broke and my skin was much drier. Same thing happened with AJ although my skin didn’t dry out as severely. After the birth however things started to change. Nails are super brittle. Skin has gone back to its normal balance but still drier than before I’d had Lolo. My hair however is the biggest change. It’s as if whilst you’re pregnant you’re body’s thinking – ‘right folks, we’re giving all the vitamins and good stuff to the little people so we’ve gotta look after what we have’ (major flaw in this theory when applied to nails – but stick with me ;). But once they’re out it thinks – ‘hang it all, let’s get this party started!’ Like it’s trying to make up for all the time it’s spent looking after itself by going on a major purge. So it’s with some sadness that I admit my hair is falling out – large! Brush before shower. Lots dropping when washed. Brush after shower. With Lolo it started at 5 months but with AJ at 3.5 months. I hate finding hair – wet hair especially. So this seems to be the final insult! My hairdresser asked last month if I wanted to take out some of the weight from the bottom of my hair? Me, ‘no, keep it, as it’ll all start falling out soon’. And no sooner had I uttered those words…

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