4 Months: A little bit of weaning

Today we got him in the Jumperoo for the first time too – overall excitement!

I can’t tell you exactly what’s made me do it but I’m getting the sense AJ’s ready for a bit of food. 6 months feels a bit too late and by the time he gets there I think there’s this pressure that now, now you start weaning and all these changes are made. I felt the same way with Lolo. And they tell you not to start weaning until they are 6 months old so you let their digestive system develop properly. Back in my hubby’s day they started at 4 months and it doesn’t seem to have harmed a generation. I must admit I’m not completely up for baby led weaning – or maybe this is it?!

Truth is it’s just a feeling. Or maybe the fact he sometimes wakes during the night – only this time I’m conscious it might be lack of food related – especailly since he’s become expressely breastfed. My mum told me a trick that her mum taught her years ago. That to help a baby feel less hungry even from a super early age that you give the baby a grain or 3 of very cooked semolina (or maybe she meant porridge/oats) and it helps them sleep through the night. Well with this in mind I’m taking it easy w AJ in the belief that even the tiniest amount of actual food will fill him a little. This way he can be introduced to new flavours and foods and his digestive system can get used to having something other than my milk passing through it. 1st taste was a single grain of cooked rice. Last week it was a few grains of pearl barley and a tiny bit of mushy carrot (all came out the other end in a similar form lol). Today it was toast for the 2nd time. I’m a bad mum – there was butter on it too so he had wheat AND dairy all in the same go. He seems fine though and has slept very nicely this lunchtime. I have to admit after the first few pieces and once he remembered how to use his tongue to get the food in rather than push it out, he started literally launching himself onto the toast (soft squidgy bit of top layer, put on my finger). We may have a winner. I remind myself not to get too zealous with feeding him even though he shows me he’s keen, you know, just in case. I tried Readybrek but he didn’t seem like a fan, but I will try again. Oddly someone said it seemed brave feeding him something that’s not pureed into infinity as his first foods. I just figure the bits are small enough that he won’t choke on them, so why not give it a go. Doesn’t seem to have been a problem so far.

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