Almost 6 Months: Sleeping, weaning, eczema, talking and rolling

Both kids are down. Its 7.30pm on a Monday night. Chicken is in the oven for a bit of grown up dinner. I have made hubby a crimbo meal for lunch. Stuffing balls and everything. I have just had a spoonful of ‘Extra thick channel islands cream w Couvoisier’. It was fab. I refuse to have any guilt about it. It’s Christmas. #itshappening

AJ has always been a bit of a lovely baby. Of late we’ve been working on training him to sleep for longer in his cot during the day. Last Monday we had a nice 2 hour stint and today we got a 2 and a half hour session. AMAZING! Fingers crossed it becomes a regular occurrence. I have faith. What this has meant today is that there was no need for his late afternoon nap, he went straight from 3-7pm instead of napping 4-5 and going down around 8pm. These last couple of weeks he’s been proving that he can be awake for longer than 2 hours at a stretch. To be honest I think the only reason he’s still been napping late afternoon is because he’s not cracked this long lunchtime sleep yet. More of the same pls.

These last weeks Mr has been gabbling and gurgling away to himself. It’s fab. I’m waiting for that magic moment when the waffle starts turning in to words. Its beautiful. And if he’s anything like Lolo, the chat will never end. Quote from her over a Christmassy dinner last Sunday;’ Don’t talk with your mouthful mummy… you cheeky monkey.’ I almost wet myself. My mum claims AJ said ‘Da’ / ‘Dada’ last week. But I doubt it, she hears things. I heard an ‘Ad’, but that doesn’t count in my books – it wasn’t prrrro-noun-ced enough!

We had a near suicidal AJ last Thursday night / Friday morning, the morning before Hubby went off drinking for 2 days with his mates. AJ has had a couple of off nights recently. We suspect the teethies and I have a funny feeling he’s too cold despite the layers and grow suit he sleeps in so we’ve literally had him sleeping in a snow suit – seems to do the trick. He is his mother’s son! Anyway that particularly fateful night when hubby needed to leave the house at 7am to catch a train to go drinking, AJ was up at 11pm, 1am, 3am and 5am. NOOOOO REEEGREEEESSIOOOOONNNN!!!! I finally kicked out hubby so he could get a tiny bit of sleep and grabbed AJ in with me. He wasn’t cold but he definitely wasn’t warm enough. The point to my story was however that when he woke crying at 5am, hubby literally jumped out of bed as soon as AJ had started crying. He had decided that this was the moment he would chose to roll over for the first time ever from lying on his back to his front unaided! Sadly he rolled into the bars of his cot, got his arm trapped and his crying sounded muffled like he was choking. Not quite the way I was hoping to enjoy his first roll. (Did you seriously just sneak that one in? I believe I did. Did you just get away with it? Who knows. Hi-five you! Really? Oh go on then).

Weaning is also going well. I think Ella’s kitchen is making a bomb out of us. I can’t be bothered/don’t have the time to be creating amazing purées from scratch at the moment so I let Ella do the job for me. Bad mum. I know. Problem is he’s devouring them so its getting a bit pricey. He really does love the smooth consistency and yet will eat chunky stuff if I feed him with my fingers. So for example today he had a peppers and lentils bake from Ella, I also fed him some chunks of chicken, the soft seedy bit of the inside of a tomato and some of Ella’s prune stuff. SO this boy has it all going on! I did start out his feeding journey by being brave and feeding him little chunks of bread as you may know. It was fab because it could take on any sauce and disintegrate in his mouth. Problem was he started getting eczema especially around his mouth and then it started spreading to his tummy, knees etc. Oddly enough I watched a program about a little boy who had eczema and it reminded me that common triggers are wheat & dairy. Other than breast milk he’s had Aptamil (which I think has a dairy base) and never really had any problems. The bread was very much a new thing. Would you believe that after 3 days of cutting it out it all cleared up? Apparently hubby’s side have a tendency toward it. I’m just hoping I started him on it a little to early and that by 12 months he’ll be able to deal with it better. I’d hate for him to miss out on breadsticks!

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