2016 New Years: Pledge

My New Year’s resolutions on paper:

  • To read every evening. I know I have two kids and it’s knackering but I know I can squeeze in at least 10mins a night especially IF I cut out some TV
  • Walk Lolo to the childminder’s each morning. Great for the environment and my legs as the journey is mostly a massive hill!
  • Achieve more with my day / prioritise what’s important rather than constantly washing clothes, drying, cooking etc. completing small projects before I take on the tasks of the house, better for my mind
  • Let AJ cry out when he’s falling asleep rather than feeding to sleep. It’s horrible because I know he’ll go to sleep quietly if I just feed him, but in the end it’s giving me less and less of a break/chance to do stuff. I hate crying but over Christmas we’ve been putting him down and he’s cried for up to 40 mins but eventually he falls asleep! Which he wasn’t doing before. #itstherighttime
  • Sleep right: Go to bed early (8.30/9pm) and get up w AJ at 6am or when he get’s up and get on with the day rather than trying to get more sleep
  • Eating: Get my vitamins in. Eat a clove of garlic each night. Fewer carbs, lighter in the evening. BATCH COOKING
  • Better preparation
  • Dry Jan
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