2y 7m: In order of Priority

I think I find it interesting to see a toddler solve an order of priority puzzle, specifically because so many adults struggle to do this. We all fall foul of trying to do everything at the same time. And actually it takes a level of skill to prioritise the different things you are doing because you have to internally assign a level of importance to each action. This morning I saw Lolo trying to do two things at the same time whilst kneeling on the sofa, trying to put things on the table. She had a glass, mostly empty of milk and the box for her Frozen DVD which was being bent inside out and in danger of being broken. She started fumbling and trying to close the box but was finding it tricky, so she figured out that the glass should take priority because then with free hands, she would be able to close the DVD case. Small things but they make me smile

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