2.5y: Lucky us

Hubby told me in confidence the other day, ‘you know when we were having that ‘heated’ debate?’ I nodded. I was ratty and tired that day. Hubby had Lolo up on the stool at the kitchen counter. ‘Well she found the very small sharp knife and cut an apple in half to eat’.

Mixed emotions to be honest. My most dominant one being; ‘oh my God that’s amazing! She’s so smart!’ And then fluctuated along the spectrum, ‘s@@@ that could have ended REALLY badly, she could have cut her finger! Stabbed herself!’. And ‘why weren’t you keeping an eye on her’ and, ‘did I leave the knife by the edge?’ We’re always careful about keeping things away from the edge just in case. Just shows you you only need to take your eye off the ball the once.

Bottom line. We were very lucky. Lolo. thank you for being a smart kid and not damaging yourself, fluke or otherwise.

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