7 months: Get w the program kid!

I’m a routine girl, I believe that all kids get there in the end and I believe it’s good for my sanity. We have a gorgeous son but whereas his sister cracked the sleeping during the day thing, he’s struggling. Let me explain:

He sleeps during the day – no worries and he sleeps in his cot which was the 1st issue we had a few months ago. Now he’s cracked that I turn my attention to his long nap during the day and his early start. He’s doing lots of things right! He goes to sleep at 7pm and sleeps nicely through the night. He wakes at 5am has a bit of milk and then on til 7am and sometimes 8am! He also has a nice hour long nap in the morning… so it’s all great but we’re not quite there yet.

His long nap: he needs this to help him get through the afternoon. Without this he needs a late afternoon nap and has a bed time of 8 or 9pm. Currently his lunch sleep is only an hour and it means I have no break from him and he becomes very needy in the afternoon. So, he sleeps for an hour, wakes, we don’t pick him up until after he falls asleep again. If he sleeps 1.5 hours or 2 hours then of course no problem, but at the moment he needs to cry-out before he links the first part of his nap with the second.

5am wake up: He sleeps through the night so I shouldn’t worry, right? Well it’s not really a worry but I’m pretty sure he’s waking now out of habit and I really don’t want to still have a kid 5 years old waking at 5am PLUS he should be going into Lolo’s room soon and I don’t want him waking her up. He’s on solids now so he is eating very well and still drinking a lot of milk and water throughout the day so I know he’s not starving. Oddly he used to sleep til 6 – 6.30am and then we’d just start the day but since he was ill over Christmas he seems to have reverted to 5am… and sometimes it’s 4.30am. Not cool. So, we’re letting him cry and fall back to sleep til he wakes around 7am.

The crying: Yes of course it is horrible. I hate it. But I AM looking forward to the life I will get back, getting enough sleep and this hard bit doesn’t last forever. I honestly don’t handle 5am or 4.30am wake ups very well and I have to go back to work in 5 months so this needs sorting now. I am also thinking that as he practices crying out twice a day in the mornings at 5am and during his lunch nap, that he’ll get used to linking his sleep out faster. This time we persist until it get’s sorted.

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