7 months / 2yrs 8months: What have we done

It’s been a time for change of late. The biggest has just this moment happened. We have moved AJ into Lolo’s room. Holy ****. What have we done.

Moving him into his own room would be ok but moving him in with Lolo comes with a few risks. The whole reason he needs to leave our room is that we as parent’s need our own space back and to be honest, I wake up at his every murmur, whether it’s crying or moaning. AJ is a noisy sleeper so even if he’s slept the night, chances are I haven’t. Also for the few times he does wake up in the middle of the night , he needs to be away from us because all we want to do it pick him up, kiss him, rock him etc. I haven’t fed him at night for months now and the only time he wakes – well, who knows why he wakes. But he needs to figure it out and us messing with him is not helping him do this. Is it a little mean on Lolo? Tbh maybe a little but I’m hoping this waking/moaning will be a short spell. Most of the time she seems to ignore him anyway so I’m hoping her coping mechanism is better than mine.

Now of course we risk:

  • Lolo getting woken in the middle of the night
  • Her reacting and putting things in his cot
  • HER waking him up
  • HER coming into our room in the middle of the night!

Well you know what? It’s gotta happen sometime so we may as well crack on. He’s weaning well so his tummy is full of food and milk. He’s able to roll and prefers to sleep on his tummy so that seems to be more comforting. We’ve been getting him to sleep until a decent time (instead of 5am he’s now shifted to 6.30am), but instead, like a trapped pocket of air under a sticker, by removing the 5am wake up he seems to have started waking between 11pm and 2am. It doesn’t happen always and most times its more moaning and he’ll go back to sleep but, for example, last night he was very awake and crying and of course this is the part you worry about for Lolo. But… I need my solid sleep back. I wonder if things are about to get a whole lot worse before they get better – we’re scared, lol, but I’d rather do it now and let the dust settle than just before I go back to work. One less big change for him to cope with when I do. Other mini change? He took about 50ml of formula yesterday. This gives me hope as he’s refused a bottle for almost 5 months now.

All moving along so relentlessly. Love you little man.

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