7m & 2y8m: About last night and that BCG

So sports fans. Quick update. Yesterday was a pivotal day as AJ moved in with Lolo. AJ is now 7months and has been sleeping through the night for many months BUT he’s a noisy sleeper which keeps me up and once or twice a week he might have a proper cry off. Truth is I’m exhausted and need my sleep and he’s fine. I am of course worried about him waking our daughter up and all the fun and games that could happen.

Well, last night: he went down at 6.50pm as he’d had a long day. Bit of a cry and comfort at 7.30pm and that was it! We didn’t hear him again til 6.45am! 🙂 Lolo must have been woken by him at one point as his monkey ended up in the cot with him before we arrived at 6.45am but that’s ok. We’ve had the talk with her about putting things in his cot, the rest we need to hope for the best for. I trust she’s sensible enough not to do anything silly. On the point of Lolo, she seemed fine this morning, not particularly tired, upset with him or distressed so hopefully it was a successful night all round. I on the other hand could not get enough sleep. My hubby said it was like I was dead. Covers were off (I like to be warm) and I didn’t move all night from 9pm til 6.45am.

Today we also had the fun and games of a BCG. Hubby took him to the appointment as I’d had to see the Dr at a different appointment. Apparently there was nothing. A bit of a look of discomfort and he started wriggling a bit but that was it – no crying! Now we have the 6month scab that never heals to look forward to. We’ll see if there are any other symptoms. Fingers crossed.

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