Last night: 2 nights in a row… a new lease of life

2nd night of AJ sleeping in with Lolo.

Last night was ok. For us at least. He went down at 7.15pm, we heard nothing when we went to bed at 9.40pm… and then… nothing …..        until 6.15am

Was he quiet all night? Lolo reports that he was. However when he cried this morning during breakfast Lolo put her hands over her ears. This says to me that generally she has had enough of hearing him moaning/cry. We’ll give her a bit of respite this weekend I think and get her in with us for a couple of nights as a treat to say well done and to let her catch up on sleep if she needs it.

However all in all, I felt pleasantly surprised this lunchtime when I realized that as AJ was asleep … in his new room – I could have a shower in our room! This is a luxury as normally when he’s asleep it’s the time I can do things, except for in our room. But now I can reclaim our room; I can enter our room, put away dry washing, tidy our room, have a shower. It genuinely felt refreshing today to be able to go in, pootle round the room tidying up and open the windows and curtains!

Overall it’s also felt amazing to have had 2 solid night’s sleep. I like this. Fingers continue to be crossed.

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