2 kids & the Natural History Museum

So I’ve kind of decided that I need to do a bit more stuff with the kids. There are two now, one is 7 months old with a calm temperament (AJ) and the other is 2 and a half and is as wild as a hurricane (Lolo). So you can imagine I approached this challenge with trepidation.

Results? Not bad. We left home around 9am, just as AJ was thinking about his morning nap. We took the car almost to the station, and then with AJ strapped to my chest and Lolo in the buggy we paced off to the DLR. We got on, parked the buggy, Lolo was released from the buggy and sat in a seat, AJ was put in the pram for nap time. All going smoothly for now! He slept for the rest of the journey which was great, I had to manouver the buggy but apart from that I could concentrate on Lolo. My initial worries were; crowded trains, Lolo running away, two crying children and stairs and escalators. Thankfully the route I’d plotted all involved great lift access so it was easy to get around.

We arrived, grabbed some early lunch and off we went to the Natural History Museum! Our friend Arwa took charge of Lolo thankfully and took her to see all the cool stuff whilst I followed close behind with AJ on my left hip, feeding him an avocado and ham sandwich and pushing the pram… with my third arm. AJ had an awesome time looking at new stuff and getting very full. Lolo enjoyed seeing all the different animals, skeletons, the big blue whale, Dippy Dino, loved playing with all the buttons and levers… and the one thing I tried to get her to remember, the Dodo. Total attention span, I would say from entry to the museum, approx 1 hour and a half. By 2pm AJ was having a mini melt down as he’d been up for a while and there’d been a lot to take in. Lolo also decided that now was the time to start saying ‘no’ a lot and to run around like a headless chicken for a bit. Approx 2pm we left as I knew we had a long journey ahead esp if I wanted a seat on the DLR before people started to pile in. We went to Stratford so I could get a seat, AJ woke up and needed breastfeeding. I always find it feels a little odd/brave on public transport. Anyway all was well except at the last moment… Lolo fell asleep on the DLR. ARGH! So I had an awake AJ in one arm, I couldn’t go get the sling as I couldn’t leave Lolo alone as we were on a moving train so in the end I carried her under my other arm. There I was, two kids, one under each arm, moving train. You’ll be happy to hear we made it safely off the train and all the way home. Most impressively I think was how good Lolo was on the train and that she listened to me. I thought she would be running away! But no. She listened when getting on and off trains (I really did worry I’d either lose the pram or her as the pram requires 2 hands) and was very good navigating the underground with me. It was a very physical day, but a good one.

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