2y8m & 7m: kids sleeping in the same room… the fun has begun

Your spidey sense tells you that putting two kids in the same room when they’e both so young is something that may face some challenges. For almost 2 weeks it has been going well and both hubby and I feel like new people. Although Lolo is often still awake for a while after we put her down and can sometimes be found playing cards, yes you heard me correctly, cards by his cot. She has once fallen out of bed, heavily whilst reaching for her toys in the toy box (she can reach them from the floor so not sure what shenanigans she was pulling when she fell). Generally playing in their room after he’s gone to sleep. I worry because of course I don’t want her waking him and us having a fun night of trying to put two kids to sleep.

Two nights ago, AJ refused to settled nicely as he normally does at night. We’ll have dinner, a bath and then he’ll fall asleep on the breast normally by 7pm. But that night he woke up properly as I was putting him in his sleep sac and putting him on the last breast. Then Lolo started playing up. Eventually after letting him cry out for about 10 mins he fell asleep. Lolo – not that happy, not that she remembers or cares the next day.

Last night we found Lolo in his COT! YES IN HIS COT! Hubby tried to put her down first as she was playing up and tired (and should have fallen asleep). AJ came in as he’d fallen asleep on the breast at 7.20pm and was being transported to his cot in their room. … 9.45pm people! Hubby goes to check on her and she is IN his cot at one end and he is on his haunches, propping himself up with his arms – face to face, interacting. There was no crying by AJ, I guess in a way they were playing. Hubby told her off and put her to bed. 5 mins later I hear her talking loudly and messing in his room! Mummy’s turn. She was yanked outta there and given a talking to. She’s pretending she doesn’t know why she was in there etc but that’s really not ideal. She does not need to be waking the little man who’s been doing so well at night. He settled pretty fast and actually after this telling off she stayed in bed and passed out.

Today as a visual sign that she is not to do that again, her toys will be removed from her room. This threat is bigger than it appears as she plays in the living room more than her room. We’re also going to try to miss out her nap during the day so hopefully when it comes to bedtime she’s actually tired and most of this messing about will disappear! (wishful thinking)

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