7 months: Sucker

Great news today. AJ has finally figured out how to suck on an Ella’s pouch. Result! This means less faff with the pouches when we use them and the endless possibilities of a straw! It also means that other than the motion for breastfeeding he’s figuring out the different movements his mouth needs to do. I still remember when he started weaning, he didn’t quite know what to do w the food and rather than keep it in his mouth to swallow he’d often push it out with his tongue. We also had another breakthrough this Monday, I had a Dr’s appointment, hubby had stayed at home, AJ had woken just before I needed to leave so I couldn’t feed him. Instead hubby gave him a bottle and… success! A full 120ml with no quibble. It’s only taken us 4 months! Ah yes. Fab news indeed.

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