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Kiddie Fashion: Next Jelly Shoe

Oh yes people. Spring is here, summer is approaching and we’re off on summer hols soon so we have picked up these ace jelly shoes, complete with glitter, ready for the sand and water. From Next

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Rub a dub dub

There were two in the tub. I had forgotten when we started letting Lolo bathe on her own. I was trying to remember as I was trying to figure out when we’d be able to put Lolo and AJ in … Continue reading

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Women and happiness

If you didn’t read the Stylist a few weeks ago, 2nd March 2016,  issue 307, see the links below. It’s a dose of perspective. Here are some snippets from the ‘This is 30’ article, I cried my eyes out: This … Continue reading

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9m: Get up. Stand up

This little boy is doing very well. He pulls himself up to stand all the time, does a bit of crouching if he sees something he’d like and although he’s doing a tiny bit of cruising he seems to mostly … Continue reading

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Gosh darn it I love the Stylist sometimes. Issue 308 had a great article in it from 9th March (yes this is how long it has taken me to read it). Being a stay at home mum these days, despite … Continue reading

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9months: get up, stand up

The last two days have been awesome. Last week I was surprised to find AJ standing by the sofa. Then we saw nothing. The last two days however he’s been up to some awesome standing, specifically pulling himself up to … Continue reading

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2y10m & 9m: Peppa Pig world!! The truth and the tips

Oh yes. We did it. Yesterday. There and back in one day. Picture the scene, war heroes, returning from their war at dusk. Physically exhausted, beaten, hungry, bags under their eyes, cold, muddy, tired… Fairy Peppa Pig mini plush toy, … Continue reading

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Death in any circumstance is tragic. There was a life. Now it is gone. A flame snuffed out. Death of a young person is almost sadder as they still had a life to live. Leaving family, friends and children behind, … Continue reading

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Happy 9 months!

Hello Sausage. Happy 9 month birthday today AJ. Here’s what you’re up to these days: Crawling, yay! At last. We had no crawling w Lolo so I’m actually really enjoying this phase and watching you get about. You’re a super … Continue reading

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