8.5months: Crawling to stand!

It’s funny quite how fast kids develop. They figure something out and then within a matter of a day or so, they’re experts. AJ went from really subtle crawling last week to whizzing around wherever he fancies in literally 3 days. Well now he  can go wherever he really fancies. Apparently curtains are really appealing as are the shelves and plug sockets, naturally. Lolo was the same with walking. Managed to get a few steps in on the first day and and by the end of the week, it was like she’d been doing it forever. Yesterday I was pootling around in the kitchen (thank goodness for kitchen / dinner / living rooms or else I’d never get anything done), AJ was on the floor by the sofa and Lolo was on the sofa, facing him and talking to him. I turn around to check they’re ok – and he’s standing! No help, no guidance, no safety. Boom. Independent. Just like his sister. Duck, we’re in for character building times ahead! Ha!

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