Dear self: Things to remember as they grown up: Mother’s day

Dear future me. It was mother’s day this weekend. We had a lovely time. A very chilled start to the day. It’s always lovely when the littlest one falls asleep for a nap with the first breastfeed, I can steal just a few more minutes of golden shut-eye. Hubby was kind enough to look after Lolo. Breakfast was lazy as was most of the morning. I received a beautiful card from the children, daddy had dictated Lolo her name and she’d scribbled it down rather well. I’d been given a bouquet of tulips beforehand – Lolo was asked to give them to me, but she was in a ‘no’ mood. They were thrown on the floor and consequently dragged along it. All things considered they looked ok by the time they made the 3 metre journey to me.

The kids were eventually dressed and showers had, all in time for 2pm when the other mother’s arrived. My mum, my Aunt, my mother & father in law. We had shamazing duck and porchini mushroom meatballs with linguine and key lime pie for dessert. The day went well and we all finished the evening well. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Engage: Try not to make the day completely about yourself, other people enhance the happiness, isn’t that what being a mum’s about?
  • Make life easy for yourself that day: Cook or buy something nice and easy so it’s one thing not to stress about during the day. Do things that make you happy, but life easy. Whatever will happen will happen.
  • Behave. Mother’s day is not the day to start bringing up contentious issues like: are you doing the right thing going back to work – the babies are still so young. These things hurt our feelings and are not ideal
    • Do not chose mother’s day to bring up old issues or random things once given; where are they, what state are they in.
    • Do not ask for any favours, especially at the end of the night – it puts a dampener on everything else beforehand and suddenly changes the focus… to you, oddly enough.

Note to future self. Control yourself, not other people

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