2y10m & 9m: Peppa Pig world!! The truth and the tips

Oh yes. We did it. Yesterday. There and back in one day.

Picture the scene, war heroes, returning from their war at dusk. Physically exhausted, beaten, hungry, bags under their eyes, cold, muddy, tired… Fairy Peppa Pig mini plush toy, clutched close to a chest. It was a long old day yesterday, but it was good and I’m SOOO glad we went.

The day started at 8.30am on a Saturday morning. It was a straight drive down: 2 hours / 120 miles. We arrived early, along with all the other crazies. Pre booked tix so entry was super fast. Boob feed and we were off. There were 4 of us: Me, Daddy, Lolo (2y10m) and AJ (9m) and we met with our friend Fi, her two kids 4y and 2y plus her mum Laura so we had a nice old gaggle to wonder around with.

The initial ride: the Dinosaur ride, was actually lots of fun, except… well, kids don’t really understand queuing for such a long time. The first ride we got to had a 30mins wait. Daddy and AJ were keeping their selves occupied at the meerkat enclosure, so it was just Lolo and I. There were tears, frustration, brattiness, moments of just not understanding why she couldn’t get on when she’d been in the car for an absolute eternity! You get to a point when you just think: why the hell did we come? Then you suddenly realize you have pretty much a whole day of queuing, and you start nervously twitching.

We went for lunch in their massive hut thing. It was soft play at its best. It was HUGE with lots of different areas. Be prepared to have one adult run around with them or honestly you will lose them. Prices are not horrendous but it’s always nicer I find to bring snacks from home. The best bit for us (adults included) was the ball pit. Lots of fun and kept us occupied for probably an hour. Then we marched off and went on a few more rides and then at 3.30pm: Penguin feeding time!! At this time we managed to squeeze in pretty much all the other rides; tractor / grandpa’s boat (a fave of mine) / helicopters / windy castle.

In summary. We actually had a great time. Will hopefully be making it down again one day before mat leave ends, just me and Lolo, as a treat I think. Here were my top tips:

  • Get yourself a repertoire of games and songs that you all know really well so you can play them in the queues:
    • Peppa Pig trivia is AWESOME! But you need to get-with the characters
    • I spy, something the colour of…, shamazing for the younger ones
  • Go with another family: the kids play together AND in the queues it’s a HECK of a lot more interesting for them
  • If you stay longer, it thins out toward the end of the day. We went 10.30am – 5pm on a Saturday (I know, I’d like a star please) and by 3pm you were able to pretty much hop on the rides
  • Bring a packed lunch
  • Book in advance

BOOM! Peppa Pig – DONE!

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