Rub a dub dub

There were two in the tub.

I had forgotten when we started letting Lolo bathe on her own. I was trying to remember as I was trying to figure out when we’d be able to put Lolo and AJ in together. Thus far it’s been w either daddy or mummy in the bath with them. A full house shall we say. Two weeks ago I went to Birmingham to see a friend and her girl of two. It was just AJ and I and it was overnight as I could not face doing the trip there and back in one day. We arrived at the dilemma of bath time. I have no issues w chucking them both in… but obviously I couldn’t get in the bath too. So, we took a bold step. AJ went into the bath for the first time without mummy or daddy… and not even with Lolo, but with another girl!
All was good. He was a bit unsure to start but eventually got used to it. Back home now he and Lolo tend to bathe just the two of them although I must admit there have been a few heart stopping ‘under water’ moments.

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