9.5 months: Wave if you’re…

AJs been doing lots recently. So proud of him. This week he started waving. A very deliberate wave, twisting his hand at the wrist like the Queen. It fills me with an unusually large amount of glee. The crawling is fab, he can now crawl over my legs. I’m now trying to teach him the right way to get off things I.e. on his tummy, backwards. Then there’s the standing and the cruising which is coming along nicely. He’s in everything but thankfully because of Lolo, the house is pretty kid friendly. I say that but we had the scare of our lives last week when Charlotte pulled out all the drawers from our very wide chest of drawers. Hubby had to run over and prop it up as it started toppling over and almost crushed both children! Not a laughing matter but not really her fault. Thank goodness for Athletic dads!

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