What do you want from your job?

Getting the jitters about going back to work post maternity leave? Well a couple of weeks ago I had my first Keeping In Touch (KIT) day. In my case I went back in and explained what I was looking for when I returned to work. I’ve had my second and intend on no more so I proposed my plan of ‘full speed ahead’ for my career. I know I’m gonna cry anyway so why not try to achieve something good career-wise. Of course theres the age old dilemma of: mum’s being overworked, so now people look to help gently get them back in, which leads to mum’s getting frustrated they aren’t getting any challenges. Why can’t you have a juicy bit of work and still leave at 4.30pm to go pick up the kids? Lord knows mum’s tend to be v efficient at work because they know they have a hard stop.

Today I have a two day training course, away from home, over night. At 5.30am I woke wondering if I should wake the smallest up to breastfeed. He’s been with me every single day of his life. I worry he’ll be sad and wonder where I am. I already miss him. But I thought, no. It’s just a couple of days, he takes a bottle, he might miss me a bit but he can be distracted at the Childminders. A touch of perspective. He’ll be ok and I want to be early. It was a weight of my shoulders as I walked out the door at 5.40am. But I still miss him.
Of course I do.

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