Happy Birthday Big Girl

We had Lolo’s birthday this week. She turned 3! Unusually we put AJ into childcare so we could spend the day concentrating on her. Hubby also took the day off work. We pootled into town on the tube and headed straight for Hamley’s. Oh yes.
First stop. Floor 5 for sweets. Then we made our way down each floor ending in the basement. As she went along she enjoyed playing w everything and we said, ‘remember what you like but let’s keep going, there’s lots more to see.’ Eventually she was putting the selected few items in our bag, to save us running around revisiting the toys she’d liked. Finally we sat down in the basement and took out all the toys. ‘Because you have been a good girl today you get to take your favourite one home.’ She picked the massive Elsa. Good choice.
Happy 3 rd Birthday gorgeous girl xxxx




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