Awesome bank holiday

It’s been an awesome bank holiday so far and it all started on Friday. The change in weather has of course greatly helped us get out of the house to do more stuff. We had our tyres changed Friday morning so we took a stroll round Plumstead. It’s just another high street but it felt so refreshing doing something else and seeing something new. After the pootle round we went to soft play at Under 1 Roof. If you’ve not been, it’s worth a visit. AJ spent a solid 1.5 hours crawling about. I now know he’s pretty good at climbing stairs (we have none at home), loves a mirror (who doesn’t) and is incredibly social w other babies. It’s like he was in his element, exploring, smiling and interacting w all the other babies, testing his different motor skills on the obstacles and of course doing a bit more walking.


After his nap it was paddling pool time. Oh yeah. Even on a balcony, the world’s smallest pool was in operation.


I then picked Lolo up from childcare where they were having a BBQ outside, to bring her home to have dinner outside. It’s so rare we do it but so nice when it happens. We had Nana & Jiisan over too so we had a full house.

Saturday we went to Greenwich park for most of the day so Lolo could practice on her new Micro Deluxe Scooter… all in yellow. Ha! Including essential Peppa Pig helmet. It was her first proper outing w it and she did v well. Within a short space of time she picked up some decent speeds. Figured out how to steer a bit. Covered some decent distance. We then headed to ‘Stix & Sushi’ where I swear we’ve never had a bad meal and they are totally awesome w the kids. AJ smashed his raw salmon, avocado, rice and salmon eggs. So posh dahrling. All was going well. We did some more scooting in the park but sadly Lolo fell off and skidded, well, on her face. She has a go faster strip from her little button nose to her chin. The lip was impaled rather nicely too. But after 10 mins of crying and 30mins of uncertainty she was feeling better (ice cream may have been involved). We did the kid’s playground at Greenwich park including the sandpit and we even managed to get Lolo back on the scooter for a bit. Next we hit the paddle boats on the pond.

Today we did just as well. Up early and off to Greenwich again. This time we went straight for the Cutty Sark Museum. Great for kids. Lovely to have a wander and grab some culture. Of course let’s be honest it was probably more for us than them but what a beautiful ship. The name Cutty Sark apparently is the name of the night dress a witch called Nannie was wearing in a Scottish tale. She holds in her hands a tuft of hair from the horse of a man she’d been trying to chase. Lunch was at the food market and then off we went to a soft play center to meet a friend. I tell thee! It has been pretty intense. Same again tomorrow!

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