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Keeping kids busy: Urban Butterflies

Yup. Cut slits in fruit and add wings. I used foiled paper.

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And on a lighter note

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1st Day. 1st Week.

So. How was my first day. My first week? I want to be candid but certain people read my blog. Ha! ┬áMust be careful! First day. I didn’t feel overly welcomed which is sad and disappointing but I’m a big … Continue reading

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My Favourite Weaning Things

Weaning is so interesting because it’s all about the children growing up, developing and exploring new tastes. But of course if is also often coupled with super messiness, constant cleaning/washing/preparing. Personally I did a little pureeing but mainly it was … Continue reading

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My Last Day Of Mat Leave

You may have read yesterday’s post. My last day of mat leave was a sad affair. But as if to prove a point that I was making a mistake going back to work – the kids were fantastic! AJ woke … Continue reading

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The Mat-Leave-Mourn

It was a sombre day yesterday. Literally a bit like a funeral. Highly emotional, all just a bit… sad. Constantly on the brink of a tear. As if to underline the mood, the heavens opened up and we had rain … Continue reading

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3y.o. my little glasto girl

She has the crazy, disheveled look down to a T. Carrying a random pair of jelly shoes. One trouser leg up, hightops out… flower headband thingy in. Match that! Glasto ladies!

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2016 Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day for yesterday Mr husband, Daddy-ship. We had one of those days which was just right. He got up early and I had a lie in – ha! Then I popped to church w Lolo whilst you chilled … Continue reading

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My Baby turned 1 & 1st shoes

It’s just one of those moments. Your child turns 1. It’s emotional for so many different reasons. They’re growing up. They’re detaching from you. They’re becoming more independent. They’re moving from ‘your baby’ to a toddler, the first steps to … Continue reading

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The world’s best position!

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