My Baby turned 1 & 1st shoes

It’s just one of those moments. Your child turns 1. It’s emotional for so many different reasons. They’re growing up. They’re detaching from you. They’re becoming more independent. They’re moving from ‘your baby’ to a toddler, the first steps to themselves. It makes me so proud when people express how friendly and open both my children are, even AJ who is a complete momma’s boy. This kid literally cries if anyone picks him up, but, exploring on his own terms with momma or poppa at his back – this kid isn’t scared of anything and LOVES meeting new people, connecting and befriending dogs!

On Friday he spent the day with his sister (3 y.o.) at the Firepower museum in Woolwich, then the soft play round the corner. I was pushing them both in a pram so they both had a pretty good nap. Then the golden oldies congregated at our house and we all went the the local ‘Guard House’ gastro pub in Woolwich for some great food and wine. In bed for an early night as the following day was going to be a busy one.

On Saturday, AJ’s actual birthday, my baby turned 1. We went to the local soft play: Under 1 roof, just amazing for kids. A few friends and their children turned up to share the morning. We all had lovely finger food from the Menagerie and home in time for an afternoon nap. In the afternoon we treated ourselves to Byron burger and, bought Austin his first pair of shoes.


You know they’re growing up, but these events (walking, buying shoes, teeth) just accent these moments and make you have to deal with the passing of time. He’s such a beautiful boy. I’m so glad we made it to 1.






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