2016 Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day for yesterday Mr husband, Daddy-ship. We had one of those days which was just right. He got up early and I had a lie in – ha! Then I popped to church w Lolo whilst you chilled and Mr AJ had a nap. When we came back, Lolo made you ‘coffee on the sofa’ (/it was meant to be breakfast in bed but we see what happened) we got the children ready and off we went to Greenwich! The park was awesome. Great weather so the kids were in their element for running around, not too cold, not too sunburned! Lolo was practising her scoot, AJ practised his walk and ‘point, get all over excited and run towards the doggies’ walk. We walked through the rose garden where daddy was having a mega hay-fever-off, so off to Boots we skipped. AJ & Lolo passed out en route. Eventually we made our way to The Union Pub… ‘OH MY GOD BEST PUB IN THE WORLD SERVING THEEEEE!!!!! BEST ribs I think either of us have ever’. And yes – really good beer. Meantime Indian Pale Ale anyone? We eventually made it back to the car, with a stop off for a flake ice cream. At home they had a bath and went to bed early, then daddy cracked open a bit more pale ale and we watched Transformers… 4… I think. Who really knows. He got a great photo frame and sweets from the kid’s/childminders and Deadpool, freshly ground coffee from the Algerian coffee shop on Old Compton Street. Perfect fathers day though. Even I enjoyed it! I think he may have too 🙂



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