My Favourite Weaning Things

Weaning is so interesting because it’s all about the children growing up, developing and exploring new tastes. But of course if is also often coupled with super messiness, constant cleaning/washing/preparing. Personally I did a little pureeing but mainly it was small chunked stuff, graduating to larger chunks. Now at 1 year he: can spoon/fork feed himself certain things, has great hand eye co-ordination with picking up smaller food bits pomegranate/peas/sweetcorn, he’s also not put off chewing on sweetcorn from the cob or eating large chucks of chicken – despite him only having 2 bottom teeth and 3  mostly off centre teeth. He’s done well. Most of it just takes time, development comes both gradually and in leaps BUT there are a few things that I loved whilst weaning;

The Munchkin spoons and forks. Big and chunky so they’re easy for the little hands to grab hold of. Fork is effective enough to learn to eat with but blunt enough not to cause major injury. Fab fab fab.

Munchkin cutlery

OXO plates. They come with a detachable ring to help stop the food from getting out of the top but in honesty I never really used that bit. I found it was more of a hindrance for both kids to see into the plate and to get the food out. However what I LOVE about these plates is that they are good quality, heavy with a rubber base to stop them slipping, they have coloured bottoms so you can get different ones for different children, finally the plate itself is white which I personally think is great for kids as they’re developing their tastes as they can clearly see the food and its colours.

Oxo Plate split

Bibs (Popper/waterproofed/terry toweling): My favourite are ones with poppers (Velcro becomes ineffective and is scratchy), water proof lined (the ones without lining don’t do enough for me), terry toweling (tends to be better quality) & not the full top with arms, just the bib (neither really liked the faff of putting the whole outfit on, plus I like to think it teaches them to be a bit cleaner – I know, I’m delusional). Truth is I’ve never found anything decent in this country, the ones I have are from Carters in the States, I have never found anything even half as good. My husband is totally baffled as to why I still keep them even though they are stained, but when literally you cannot find a good enough replacement, I’m hard pressed to part with them. They are 3 years old. You can imagine the state of them.

Storage pots: Not very exciting but total life saver and means you can make and store and travel about with different things. Personally I prefer glass jars but the truth is they are heavy. Gerber & Oxo do some great ones with partitions & rubber lids. I just use old Bonne Maman jam jars as they are thick glass, short and stout. But for practicality being out and about, we use plastic Tupperware pots. Love these ones, brig colours, tight lids and a perfect size for me.


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