1st Day. 1st Week.

So. How was my first day. My first week? I want to be candid but certain people read my blog. Ha!  Must be careful!

First day. I didn’t feel overly welcomed which is sad and disappointing but I’m a big girl, so let’s move on. 

The rest of the week has been better. Even though I had to wrangle the kids single handed on my first two mornings, they did well and so did i. I took my time with them Tuesday. Wednesday was similar but we were at the childminder’s by 7.30am which is a personal mini victory. I think that’s the difficult bit. Mornings aren’t horrendous as long as you have enough time to do everything… never rush the children! Lol. Then the rest of the 4 days I worked this week, mainly I felt like a grown up. Everyone’s at Cannes this week so actually it’s a great week to come back as it’s a bit calmer. The wonderful part is having lunch you have not prepared yourself and… Reading the Stylist. Oh yes, it has been missing from my life (especially love the top picks page). I had my first late night on Wednesday, it was odd but not as bad as I thought. Thankfully I’ve had a few night’s practice at not being there for bedtime so I didn’t feel overwhelmingly guilty. With Lolo, the first night I worked late after mat leave with her, I had called her to say night night. She was so cute on the phone that i started crying whilst stood in the queue at Chilangos (great mexican food). This time, no call. But i did spend an extra hour with them in the morning. Today is Friday and hopefully we’ll be finishing on time! 

It’s been toughest on me I think. The kids don’t really care although on the first morning AJ hugged me a little too tight, a little too long. I cried at the childminders and another two times before I’d even got on the train to work. I care. And I love them a little bit longer and stronger. Two cute kids. So proud.

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